Mechanisation in agriculture improves efficiency and productivity. The GhAAP provides the opportunity for mechanisation service providers to interact with other value chain actors. The AMSECs are responsible for offering timely and efficient mechanisation services.

Mechanisation services rendered include but not limited to the following:

  • Land development and preparation
  • Mechanised planting and harvesting
  • Weed, pest and disease control
  • Post harvest handling

Benefits of the GhAAP to the AMSEC Provider

  • i. Access to bigger market for mechanization service provision.
  • ii. Opportunity to optimize the machinery and equipment utility.
  • iii. Linkages with machine and equipment spare part dealers.
To provide AMSEC Services:

The following minimum criteria are required:

  • i. Access to the requisite licensed agricultural machinery and equipment.
  • ii. Licensed machinery and equipment operators.